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Helping BIPOC and Traditionally Underrepresented Groups Find Employment

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We’re working holistically to change the status quo and career trajectories of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) and traditionally underrepresented people. BIPOC groups are under-represented in the workforce, and through support services like employability readiness training and job search assistance, we can help shift this imbalance.

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Services we provide for job seekers

Career Development Network

Online job boards, applicant tracking systems and AI software help manage the influx of resumes, but with the new technology comes new challenges. At times, qualified candidates can be excluded based on a few keywords in their application. Bypassing this technology, DEN provides a bridge for BIPOC individuals and other traditionally underrepresented groups to access these opportunities they may have been excluded from previously, for both new and role advancement positions.


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Mentoring and Training

Our mentorship program is an automated platform that builds a customized learning solution for candidates at any level of their career. The program is delivered through various channels including webinars, and one-on-one coaching. Some of the topics include: building or strengthening existing resume, cover letter, and interview skills, creating personal career strategies, and building self-confidence to level up your next career steps. And the support doesn’t end when you land your role. We’re here for candidates as they go through the onboarding process after being hired.


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