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At DEN, we’re helping build a diverse workforce from the inside out. Change starts from within an organization, from senior management, to employees on the ground level. By creating a culture of inclusion, all members feel safe and supported to participate fully, while spreading the word that your organization is one that’s changing the narrative for the better. Aligning your workforce with the world where your employees live and work, strengthens your abilities to make meaningful connections—whether that’s with new clients or new candidates.

Find out how partnering with us can help you achieve your goals in creating this kind of inclusive, welcoming work environment.

Services we provide for employers and organizations

Recruitment Services

With a proven evaluation process, we create strategic connections between businesses and skilled BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) and traditionally underrepresented groups.

Workplace Diversity Coaching

Learn how to better cultivate a truly inclusive work environment and hiring campaigns that attract and retain the highly skilled talent you are seeking.

Board Governance Training

We’re creating opportunities for inclusive governance and strengthened board capacity by matching qualified candidates from groups historically underrepresented to not-for-profit and public sector boards. We believe it’s not possible to make diverse decisions at the bottom if there is no diversity at the top of the organization. The long-term benefit is the participation of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) and traditionally underrepresented groups in decision making roles of organizations, having their voices heard, and adding unique perspectives to the organization.

The benefits of a diverse workforce


Building a culture of inclusion where all members feel safe and supported to participate meaningfully.


Employees feel more engaged and connected to an organization that is committed to diversity and inclusion.


Motivated and engaged employees report higher employee satisfaction, which leads to reduced turnover.


Strengthening and increasing diversity on your board with the addition of knowledgeable members and a range of unique views.


Creating a workplace more aligned with the world where your clients and employees live and work.

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