Creating a Winning Resume For Management Roles


In today’s competitive job market, the one thing that sets you apart from the other candidates is an outstanding resume.

We know that creating a winning resume comes with its challenges like what to include and what to leave out or should it be chronological or organized by skills. When it comes to preparing your resume for a management position, it becomes even more challenging to properly demonstrate your leadership skills while showing that also you have the skills to perform the job at hand.

Here are some tips that will help you create a resume that will be hard to pass by.

Use Keywords and Phrases One thing we know is that recruiters look through, possibly hundreds of resumes and one way yours can stand out is to use the same language and keywords that they use in the job post. It will allow them to quickly and easily navigate to your specific skills that fit the role and it will demonstrate your attention to detail.

Highlight Your Achievements This can be done by creating a sidebar-style resume or simply bolding and/or underlining key achievements that recruiters would be impressed with. This is your opportunity to ‘brag’ about yourself and share additional information about your career history that would be an asset to the employer.

Follow Good Examples The internet is full of management-level resume examples and templates (see resources below). Take your time and browse through to pick out the best parts to mimic on your own resume. Also, take the leap to connect and network with managers in your industry to learn about what helped them get into the role that they’re in today.

Proofread. Proofread. Proofread. You would be surprised to know how many resumes and cover letters are passed over due to typos and misspelled words. Again, take your time to review two or three times before you send it off. You can even have your mentor or another professional in your network review as well to make sure that your submission is top-notch.

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