A History of Black Resilience: The Journey Towards Inclusion, Diversity and Equity


Date and time

Tue, 28 February 2023
9:30 AM – 11:00 AM AST



About this Event

The journey towards social Inclusion, Diversity and Equity has spanned many generations in Nova Scotia, across Canada and around the world. Black resilience has always been a driving force towards that elusive but tangible and achievable goal.

Over the years, forward-thinking communities, businesses, organizations and individuals have helped to pave the path to progress by supporting the vision of exemplary Black leaders and deploying their talents and resources towards removing systemic barriers and helping to close wealth, health and opportunity gaps.

We invite you to join the journey. Come, celebrate, discuss and discover:

  • Key drivers of Black resilience and strategies to support it.
  • Milestones on the journey to Inclusion, Diversity and Equity
  • Strategies for fighting systemic exclusion, discrimination, unconscious bias
  • Tools and techniques of Black Resilience you can deploy on your journey to social empowerment in your community, your organization and beyond.

Stay tuned for further details and please send all enquiries to bowers.claudia@bbi.ns.ca or info@diversityemployment.ca.

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